Requirements for entry:

-Everyone who enters must get a temperature check and must sanitize their hands.

-A proper face mask must be worn at ALL times unless you're actively drinking a beverage or eating
while seated at a table.
If you are not wearing a mask, you will be asked to leave and put on our "This Person Is An Asshole" list.

-We will seat you at an assigned table when you arrive. This will be your table for 'drinks and stuff' during your time here. Please do not switch tables or socialize at other tables.

- All ordering/drinking must be done at a table that you are sitting at. The bartender will
come to you to take orders & serve your drinks. All drinks MUST stay at a table/no
wandering with drinks. We will be using disposable glasswear, so we kindly ask that you
throw away any cups/cans when you're finished.

-Please observe proper social distancing as best you can, especially while playing games and
socializing. Currently, all of our larger/multiplayer games are unavailable to play.

-Hand sanitizer will be available throughout the space for your use.

-We consider your reservation to be an agreement to these requirements. You likely already
know this, but most of the Logan Arcade staff members have been with us since we opened
almost 7 (!!!!!) years ago and are family, and we are doing our best to keep everyone safe
and comfortable.

What we are doing:

We are permitting up to 35 people inside at a time, in 3 hour time slots, with assigned seating. We are leaving breaks in between each time slot so that we can fully clean/disinfect the bar, games, bathrooms, etc.-- so these times are strict. We are keeping a record of everyone who comes through (and when) for potential contact tracing. We are fogging the entire space, including our HVAC system, every day with a hospital-grade disinfecting solution. We are
using the best HEPA filters available (and changing them frequently), and we're running the exhaust & fans while we're 'open.' We have created 'private,' socially distanced seating areas, and we're only operating less than half of our games to allow for social distancing. And finally, we are not yet opening to the general public.